SREDA | National Database of Renewable Energy

Biogas to Electricity | System: 12, Capacity: 50.89 MWp

SL. Project Name SID Capacity Location RE Technology Agency Finance Completion Date Present Status Details
1Oasis Services (Agro) Ltd3688300 kWpBhaluka, MymensinghBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2020-02-18Completed & RunningDetails
2Phenix Agro Ltd. at Member Bari, Gazipur117400 kWpWhole Bangladesh, GazipurBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2016-09-30Completed & RunningDetails
3UAL Bio-Electricity Project 12160 kWpWhole Bangladesh, GazipurBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2016-04-30Completed & RunningDetails
4KKT Bio-Electricity Project 120100 kWpWhole Bangladesh, PanchagarhBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2015-12-31Completed & RunningDetails
5ZPL Bio-Electricity Project 11930 kWpWhole Bangladesh, ChuadangaBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2015-11-30Completed & RunningDetails
6UKAL Bio-Electricity Project 11830 kWpWhole Bangladesh, TangailBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2014-10-31Completed & RunningDetails
7Seed Bangla Foundation Bio-Electricity Project 11620 kWpWhole Bangladesh, GazipurBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2012-12-31Completed & RunningDetails
8RKKL Bio-Electricity Project 11550 kWpWhole Bangladesh, MymensinghBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2010-06-30Completed & RunningDetails
9Dutch Dairy Ltd. 3689400 kWpLohajang Upazila, MunshiganjBiogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)IDCOLIDCOL2021-08-30Implementation OngoingDetails
10Narayanganj 6 MW Power Plant by Consortium of UD Environmental Equipment Technology Co. Ltd, Everbright Environmental Protection Technical Equipment (Changzhou) Limited and SABS Syndicate41726 MWpNaryanganj Sadar Upazila, NarayanganjBiogas to Electricity (On-Grid)BPDBIPP2023-10-31Under PlanningDetails
1142.5 MW Municipal Solid Waste based Power Plant at Dhaka North City Corporation by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC)423442.5 MWpDhaka City, DhakaBiogas to Electricity (On-Grid)BPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2023-06-13Under PlanningDetails
121 MW Grid Connected Power Plant Based on Municipal Solid Waste under Pilot Project at Keraniganj on Turnkey Basis1601 MWpKeraniganj Upazila, DhakaBiogas to Electricity (On-Grid)BPDBIPP (Unsolicited)2020-12-31Under PlanningDetails

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