SREDA | National Database of Renewable Energy

Solar Home System | Number of System: 6037689

SL. Technology Name Number Capacity Agency
1Solar Home System152500.83 MWpBREB
2Solar Home System970.104 MWpPGCB
3Solar Home System139520.907 MWpNESCO
4Solar Home System4494162187.12 MWpIDCOL
5Solar Home System4000.2 MWpGIZ
6Solar Home System151361971.25 MWpMoDMR
7Solar Home System10.02 MWpB-R PowerGen
8Solar Home System2003.15 MWpRDCD
9Solar Home System10.003 MWpBRRI
10Solar Home System70.009 MWpBARI slot pulsa