SREDA | National Database of Renewable Energy

Energy Generation and Carbon Savings Calculaton

Technology Name Installed Capacity System Life Till Today
Expected Energy Generation CO2 Emission Reduction Expected Energy Generation CO2 Emission Reduction
Solar Park461 MWp10 TWh5 M tCO21 TWh487 k tCO2
Net Metering Rooftop Solar85.24 MWp2 TWh879 k tCO2293 GWh139 k tCO2
Solar Irrigation52.31 MWp1 TWh539 k tCO2303 GWh143 k tCO2
Solar Roof Top (On-Grid)46.33 MWp1 TWh478 k tCO2235 GWh111 k tCO2
Solar Roof Top (Off-Grid)27.98 MWp559 GWh265 k tCO2145 GWh68 k tCO2
Solar Mini-Grid5.8 MWp116 GWh55 k tCO238 GWh18 k tCO2
Solar Nano-Grid1 kWp20 MWh9 tCO29 MWh4 tCO2
Solar Charging Station282.4 kWp6 GWh3 k tCO22 GWh1 k tCO2
Solar Drinking Water System95.23 kWp2 GWh982 tCO21 GWh554 tCO2
Solar Home System263.79 MWp5 TWh2 M tCO22 TWh1 M tCO2
Solar Street Light17.1 MWp311 GWh147 k tCO278 GWh37 k tCO2
Wind (On-Grid)900 kWp20 GWh9 k tCO217 GWh8 k tCO2
Wind (Off-Grid)2 MWp44 GWh21 k tCO226 GWh12 k tCO2
Large Hydro (On-Grid)230 MWp5 TWh2 M tCO25 TWh2 M tCO2
Biogas to Electricity (Off-Grid)990 kWp22 GWh10 k tCO28 GWh4 k tCO2
Biomass to Electricity (Off-Grid)400 kWp9 GWh4 k tCO24 GWh2 k tCO2
Total1194.23 MWp25 TWh12 M tCO29 TWh4 M tCO2

Note: 103 kilo (k), 106 mega (M), 109 giga (G), 1012 tera (T), 1015 peta (P), 1018 exa (E), 1021 zetta (Z), 1024 yotta(Y) slot pulsa